1. What is MAM?
  2. Screenshots
  3. Downloading version 0.1.0
  4. Mailing lists
  5. Requirements
  6. Installing MAM
  7. Comments / Bugs / Misc.
  8. Future additions
  9. Changes
  10. Credits

What is MAM?

MAM is a web-based front end for managing Apache webservers utilizing mod_auth_mysql, a system for authenticating users against a MySQL database engine. It was written by Philip Jacob. Yes, MAM is mod_perl safe. MAM is released under the GPL.


I have two screenshots here. One is of the user management interface and the other is of the group management interface.


Grab the latest gzipped tar file mam-0.1.0.tar.gz

Mailing Lists

We had two mailing lists set up a while ago but they're gone now. We'll set them up really soon again!


You'll need the following components in order to use MAM:
  1. Apache: You'll also need to know how to compile in mod_auth_mysql into your Apache httpd binary. Instructions for doing this are beyond the scope of this document. In fact, you don't really need mod_auth_mysql to run this thing, but MAM tends to be pretty pointless without it!
  2. MySQL: The database server of choice for fast websites these days.
  3. DBI: MAM uses DBI to chat with MySQL.
  4. Scream::DBWrap: A GPL'd perl module included in the MAM distribution. It's a database wrapper.
  5. You'll also need to use Netscape! Some of my Javascript code doesn't work with MSIE. I only use Linux, so you'll have to fix it if you want it to work with MSIE.

Installing MAM

Installing MAM is easy. First, download the distribution. Second, decompress and untar it:

$ tar xvfz mam-0.1.0.tar.gz

Next, you'll need to put the Scream::DBWrap module somewhere. You can put it in with your Perl libraries or another directory. If you're putting it in another directory (i.e. a directory that isn't in @INC), you'll need to uncomment the line in the mam.pl script that says this:

use lib ("/path/to/directory/");

Next, configure the mam.pl script. You'll need to supply a login to your MySQL server as well as which tables MAM should use for manipulating the use information. Mod_auth_mysql looks up its auth information in two tables: a user table and a group table. You'll specify these in the mam.pl script. It's obvious how to do all this by looking at mam.pl in a text editor.

All of the other perl modules that MAM uses are part of the standard perl distribution, so you should be all set.

I've tested MAM on Solaris 2.7 / perl 5.005_03 / Apache 1.3.(6|9) / MySQL 3.22.25 / DBI 1.08 / DBD::Mysql 1.22.


I'd prefer if comments went directly to the mailing lists so everyone can benefit, but if you're timid, you should email me

Future Additions

  1. Getting MSIE to work nicely with the Javascript.
  2. Adding a search feature.
  3. Editing a group name or a user's name.


  1. Initial release.


Thanks to Chris for the logo, Pate for the setting up the mailing lists and Garth for trying to break the software.