Domain Name Nirvana and Damn Spam

Recently, I purchased a new domain name (a .org) and was pleasantly surprised to see that it had made its way into the root nameservers within a few minutes. It’s really a great thing to be able to do this. I was pleased.

I set up the site running WordPress and went to bed. I woke up the next morning to lots of blog-spam for gambling sites. I was less than pleased.


What puzzled me is that I told nobody about the website. This same scenario happened again this week, actually. Oddly enough, this blog gets some publicity and yet no comment spam.

It’s impressive how well and how quickly spammers can take an otherwise lovely technological experience and wreck it.

2 thoughts on “Domain Name Nirvana and Damn Spam”

  1. This just indicates that abusers/spammers have some access to the .org zone file; Maybe because they work there; or maybe they have rooted the registrar or ICANN, or somewhere the .org zone passes on its way to its DNS servers. It could mean the registrar’s are selling this information.

    Abusers aren’t guessing at names. That process would take longer, because they’d have to keep repeating their searches to catch the new names. There are only a few possibilities that work in near constant and repeatably constant time. Guessing isn’t one of them.

  2. Actually, in retrospect, I can guess what happened. I probably put up a post on the blog and it pinged Technorati, Pingomatic or some such service. A spammer must have intercepted it there and started the onslaught of blogspam.

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