Quote du jour

How cute:

“I can now go into the unix program on the apache server and customize the Metalib program so it works for our library. Wow! 🙂 It feels great.”

I bet it does feel great!  But if this quote from O’Reilly’s marketing materials is not enough to completely destroy the credibility of their Learning Courses, I’m not sure what is.

Things I have overheard recently

A few choice quotes from recent adventures:

  1. “Gold is the new silver” at a shop in Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA
  2. “60 is the new 30” at a dinner party
  3. “40 is the new 30” at a 40th birthday party
  4. Woman: I’m going to work in Bill’s new Web 2.0 group

    Man: Cool, with AJAX and all that neat stuff?
    Woman, obviously clueless: Um… sure. So when do we have my goodbye party?


    : You’re just changing cost centers. You don’t get a party for that. You only get a party if you leave.