Sorry, I Don't Speak Texan

Apparently, the Associated Press writers were up a little late last night… they must have been a bit slap-happy today when they wrote this article that appeared on CNN:

Before church, the president, clad in a tan cowboy hat, moseyed around the Rose Garden area, his dog, Barney, in tow.

Moseying. Clad. Tan cowboy hat. Towing a dog before church. It’s an impressive sentence, don’t you think?. I wonder how often George puts his cowboy hat on (“Lau-ra! Where’s my tan 10-gallon?”) before dawdling in the Rose Garden with Barney? It is an event that must be all the more awkward with three secret service agents in tow as well, as if they’re guarding some kind of important event that must imperatively take place.

2 thoughts on “Sorry, I Don't Speak Texan”

  1. “journalism” at its finest, all you need to do is use leading synonyms like “mosey” and all of a sudden you have created a cowboy in black and white.

    One question, though:

    1. since when is ‘clad’ a texas colloquialsm

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