Philip Jacob

Hurricane Help

· Philip Jacob

My friend Brendan Greeley from Radio Open Source has put together a website as part of an effort to help some of the people affected by the recent hurricane in the south.

Since Sunday, hundreds of evacuees from New Orleans have arrived in Lake Providence and the surrounding area. They can’t get to Red Cross shelters in Monroe, the nearest city; they are out of gas and money and energy. Providence Church has emerged as a shelter not because the town planned it, but because evacuees stopped at the church and stayed.

The most immediate priority is to buy toiletries and water, and help get some of these evacuees to Red Cross shelters in Monroe, the nearest city. Some of them will end up staying, though, and will need help getting settled and getting their children into local schools.

Brendan’s a trustworthy person who will take the funds raised directly down there personally this coming weekend. I encourage you to participate by sending funds using the paypal link on his website.