Yahoo Tries to Kill

I bumped into Yahoo’s new My Web 2.0 service today. It’s basically their social tagging and bookmarking service. Their new UI looks… well, alright, but it’s clear that they’re miles ahead of in terms of bringing this idea into the mainstream.

One feature of the Yahoo service is that it allows you to import your bookmarks from I tried it and it seems to work just fine. It’s not, after all, that hard to do now that we don’t have to screenscrape anymore! mentax

Import bookmarks to Yahoo

Of course, you’re only going to think that this is a feature if you’re not the people who run….

2 thoughts on “Yahoo Tries to Kill”

  1. What specifically do you like about Yahoo!’s service so much. We just launched and yes, we are scarred of Yahoo! but still think we offer a superior user experience. However, we need to maintain a big gap to draw in users given Yahoo!’s reach. If you get the chance to check out the site it would be great to hear from you. Mike

  2. Mike,

    I didn’t say whether I liked the Yahoo site or not.

    However, since you asked, I’m not in love with what Yahoo has done here. I think that their UI is completely bizarre and confusing right now, but Yahoo has a lot of smart people and I’m quite sure that they will make this work one way or another.

    How long have you been running your site and how many users do you have? That’s one thing I noticed about Yahoo’s My Web 2.0 – I hadn’t heard about them until yesterday and they already have 58,000 tags, so someone must be using it.


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