Philip Jacob

Google Analytics

· Philip Jacob

Many people probably saw that Google Analytics was released today, but probably not as many people actually tried it out. I immediately installed it on Béa’s Kitchen and was eager to try this thing out.

I have to say that this is probably one of the coolest things that Google has released, which is unfortunate since it’s also by far the worst user experience that I have had with any of their other products. The site was incredibly slow all day and unresponsive at times. Eventually, I received a notice saying that Google was upgrading accounts and that the service was unavailable when I tried to log in. Although there are FAQs stating that it takes a few hours for data to display in the cool graphs and reports in Google Analytics, I didn’t actually believe this; I’m so conditioned to getting everything on-demand these days.

There are broken links in the admin interface of GA, links to FAQs that don’t exist and other basic stuff that I’m really not used to in Google products. I’m optimistic but generally disappointed with GA so far.