Watching Rodney Mullen on Google Video

Rodney Mullen

I skateboarded pretty seriously for about 7 years when I was in high school and college and had a lot of fun doing it. One of the most insanely creative and mind-blowing skaters on the scene back then was a guy named Rodney Mullen. I think he had a 13-year streak of 1st place finishes in every contest that he entered.

I have to assume that most of you aren’t familiar with this guy, but watching him skate is like watching Michael Jordan. He’s just so impressive. Last night, I started typing his name into Google’s video search and sat in amazement watching him.

Check it out.

4 thoughts on “Watching Rodney Mullen on Google Video”

  1. i know next to nothing about skateboarding, but i do know the name tony hawk. how does your mullen compare?

  2. Rodney is one of the best things that happened in skateboarding. if you knew anything you would know him!

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