Philip Jacob

Harvard Blogs vs. Bloglines?

· Philip Jacob

Philip Greenspun and John Palfrey both have blogs on the Harvard blogoplex.  Philip’s last entry was on April 2nd and John last updated his blog on March 31st.  I’ve checked the source of the RSS on both and FeedValidator tells me that they’re ok.

According to my Bloglines aggregator, neither have written anything in over a month.  So the magical question is this: is Bloglines broken for you, too?

PS Would this be a good time to complain about the fact that the number of subscribers to a specific blog displayed when you’re reading BL entries differs from person to person?  I see one number, my friends see a different number.

It sounds like I’m getting grumpier.  Gregor’s bitterness is rubbing off on me.  Or maybe this is just an indication that it’s time to ditch Bloglines in favor of… dunno, what do you recommend?