Philip Jacob

Skewering Bloglines (again)

· Philip Jacob

David Berlind at ZDNet apparently noticed the games that Sam Ruby has been playing with Bloglines. Bloglines is hopelessly silly in so many areas and Sam likes to point this out by putting little HTML tags in his posts that break Bloglines. I laugh every time he does this.

In addition to Bloglines’ inability to make a sane feed reader, there are also very serious unresolved privacy problems, security problems and specification compliance problems.

You must wonder why we continue to use Bloglines in spite of all this. It’s because all of the other web-based feed reader applications are so hopelessly, unbelieveably bad that we all keep coming back to this junkheap of a web service and wait for it to get better.

Maybe one of Paul Graham’s startup school fundees can rewrite the damn thing in a weekend… (in Lisp, just to make us all smile).