Philip Jacob

StyleFeeder in the Boston Globe

· Philip Jacob

StyleFeeder is featured on the front page of the Boston Globe’s business section today. If you’re not a lover of dead trees, maybe you prefer the online version? My favorite part is in the little sidebar section entitled “Room to grow” where it shows the funding amounts of some other companies doing similar-ish things to StyleFeeder:


Launched in June

Funding: $40 from founder Philip Jacob

Is that a real number? Actually, yes. I spent $10 on the domain name via my OpenSRS account, a few bucks for the graphic of the woman shopper in the header and some other stock photos that I didn’t use, and perhaps another thing or two that I don’t even remember. StyleFeeder initially was hosted on one of my own servers which cost me $0 more than I normally pay. Obviously, the real cost was my time, but the cash expenses were tiny.