Send to Apple… and get nothing back

When applications crash on OS X, you get a little dialog box asking you if you would like to send the crash details to Apple. Presumably, they actually use this data to continuously improve their products by providing ~realtime bug reports to their dev teams.


What would be really useful, though, is if Apple would respond

to me via email telling me if there’s something that I can do to prevent these crashes from occurring, such as applying an update, changing some setting somewhere, etc.

As you can imagine, this would be pretty useful. But since this interaction resembles something like to an actual conversation , I am not optimistic that it will happen soon.

One thought on “Send to Apple… and get nothing back”

  1. The screenshot specifically says “You will not be contacted in response to this report”. Perhaps if it a serious error, they imagine you might take the trouble to initiate an actual conversation 🙂

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