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Now, that's fairly funny....

· Philip Jacob

Noelle movie download I was reviewing my daily Technorati feed for StyleFeeder mentions out there in the blogosphere when I found an interesting one that in turn let me to, specifically their page for adding their bookmarklet.

Here’s the code that Nabbr distributes for adding their bookmarklet.

javascript:(function(){var u=encodeURIComponent(location.href);
var d=encodeURIComponent(document.title);
try{var x=document.getElementsByTagName('head').item(0);
var o=document.createElement('script');
x.appendChild(o);}catch(e){alert('StyleFeeder: '+e);}})();

Um… what’s StyleFeeder doing in Nabbr code? Well, I wrote that code! And it also looks like they’re using the Javascript bookmarklet code that I wrote for StyleFeeder as well. I mean, it’s GPL’d javascript, so they’re not doing anything wrong, but it’s just… an odd start to the day.