Google Web Services API Search?

After reading this article by Jon Udell, it made me wonder if Google will make a web services API search feature available. I noticed yesterday when I searched for ‘hibernate‘ (I offer no easy explanation as to why I searched for a website that I visit frequently… maybe Firefox integrated Google-search is easier than typing URLs at this point?)

Notice the “Documentation / Download / Getting started” links that appear beneath the Hibernate entry?

Is there no reason that Google could respond to a ‘currency convertor web service‘ search with some specifics like REST/SOAP/XML-RPC flavour, arguments, return values, perhaps a reliability metric and other web services that provide similar functionality?

2 thoughts on “Google Web Services API Search?”

  1. I haven’t searched/visited the Hibernate site in years, and certainly not during this install of Windows, so it’s not your machine/visiting pattern that’s triggering the placement.

    I suspect that Google sells such placement to companies (buy a word, have your site’s link appear under the first result) or that they use Google Sitemap to display the most important links.

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