Unconfirmed Internet User

I just noticed that my IM client (Trillian) says that I am an “Unconfirmed Internet User”. This is untrue. I hereby confirm that I use the Internet.

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  1. lol. yes well. I am interested in knowing what the benefits of being an “Unconfirmed Internet” user are? I’d also like to know what the benefits of Trillian are..your own personal opinion. Lastly, How can someone go between being an Unconfirmed internet user, a Internet user and an AOL user and then just a plain ole Internet user with one screen name. Lotta questions here. Please reply

  2. If any benefits do exist, they’re not terribly obvious and probably not terribly important, so I wouldn’t spend any time worrying that you’re missing out on this.

  3. AOL = They’re using AOL
    Unconfirmed Internet = When you signed up for AIM they ask for your email address so that they can send you an confirmation email. You either gave them a false Email address or you didn’t reply to that confirmation email.
    Internet = You reply to the confirmation Email that they sent you.

  4. i would like to know how to get unconfirmed internet. because every time i put my mouse over someones screen name it says that they have unconfirmed internet. they can also make thier own font color, talk to people at the same time when thier away message is on, and can go on more then one screen name, with its own buddylist, so that the screen names arent linked. i cant do any of that and i believe its because i dont have unconfirmed internet. please reply

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